Almond Butter

Hello all you beautiful people!! Welcome to my blog. I’m super excited to share one of my favourite recipes in the recent times i.e. “Almond Butter”. Yes, you heard it right. It is one of the simplest recipes which takes not more than 20 min of your time. And, the bonus is that you can store this up to 1 week in your refrigerator. Just dump it in a glass jar.

It tastes amazing with whole wheat bread, Chapatis, bread sticks, pan cakes, banana smoothies or you can eat it just by itself {just like how I eat all the time 😋}.

Here’s the recipe.. 

Servings – 4-6
Time – 20 min
Difficulty – Easy

Ingredients –

  1. Roasted Almonds – 2 cups (If you don’t have roasted almonds, roast the plain almonds on medium flame for 10-15 mins)
  2. Salt – 1 tsp

Method – 

  1. Fill your food processor with the roasted almonds and grind it for about 5 mins. Make sure to scrape the surfaces of the jar periodically so that the butter does not stick to the jar.
  2. Add 1 tsp of salt (or as per your taste).
  3. Grind it for another 5 mins or till the texture is of a thick cream.

PC : Pixabay

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