5 Habits for a Better Life

Hello all you beautiful people!! Welcome to my blog. This is my 1st blog post in the Lifestyle Category. Its one of my favourite topics; actually the most favourite topic to research about. I love finding new and deeper ways to enjoy my journey of life and just get better than what I was yesterday. I’m definitely not striving hard to be perfect or ideal or anything of that sort. If you relate with me, then keep on reading to find out 5 simple habits which would help in enjoying your journey and feel positive.

  1. Stay Hydrated
    I know! I know! you have heard it everywhere and read it in almost every article. The reason why this has been included almost everywhere is because of its importance and simplicity. Drinking water has numerous benefits, some of them are – healthy skin, hair, nails and you feel light and energetic throughout the day. The list is endless. Oh yeah! one more thing.. When you feel thirsty DO NOT end up drinking Juices/sodas/soft drinks. Please drink water. This is what your body needs. For me, drinking water has become a little bit easier after I’m conscious about it. I can easily drink from 2-3 litres of water in a day. If you aren’t like me and drinking water is difficult, try infused waters. Just add some fruit slices or mint leaves and it tastes much better. So, go grab a cute water bottle and get in the H2O Lady!
  2. Move your body
    Some time back, moving your body meant meant exercise for me. I’m so grateful to realize that moving your body does not have to be the ideal gym exercises. It can be as simple as doing the household work like cleaning, washing, etc. or shopping in the malls for 2 or more hours (exciting! Isn’t it?) From the time I have realized this, I have included some activities like Yoga, HIITs, gentle stretches, walking that I enjoy doing which is helping me stay healthy. This has helped me to get physically stronger and I tend to be more positive than I was before. If I’m running short of time or feeling lazy, I try to do Yoga or HIIT for 10 – 20 mins and I’m good to go. I guess you have heard of “Something is Better than Nothing”, so true! Get in your comfy clothes and start moving!
  3. Connect
    Connect with people and do not do it through messages. Just pickup your phone, make a call, schedule a meeting and connect with your loved ones in person. If you are staying far, then at least talk to them. This would be difficult for introverts like me. I have few close people in my life whom I want to connect to and it becomes a little difficult to meet all the time. In such cases, i read books, watch YouTube videos and listen to podcasts of people who are positive and inspiring. This is way better than killing your time scrolling through your FB news feed. Another thing what you can do is to spend more time with animals. Yes! this is my personal favourite. I love dogs!! As I do not have any pets (I’m definitely considering to get 1 though) I feed stray dogs, talk to them and provide shelter in my garage when it is raining. All these tiny things will make a major impact in your well being. And if you have a pet, then how much more luckier can you get.
  4. Follow a Routine
    Out of all the 5 habits, this is the most difficult habit for me to follow. I tend to be plus or minus 30 mins from what I have planned and I’m trying to find ways to get more closer. But that’s okay. Every step is progress. Having a Morning routine has made my life so much easier. I’m just 4 weeks through and I can already find the difference. I do not hurry up in the mornings, I do not miss my breakfast and I feel prepared for the day rather than overwhelming myself. I’m currently working on my night routine, but it seems a little harder as I do not get back home at same time everyday. Traffic I tell you. It is just getting worse. But, I’m grateful to have a Morning Routine. You can create 1 for yourself easily if you get into the 5th Habit in this post.
  5. To-Do Lists
    They say, “There is life before and after”; this is how I feel about To-Do Lists.
    Messy, procrastinating, lazy, anxious, overwhelmed, sluggish. This is how I was feeling before getting into this habit. Productive, Active, Calm, Focused, Confident. This is how I feel after starting to make To-Do Lists. It has been a life changer for me. The most common mistake what we all do is writing down almost 30 – 50 complicated things. And we end up doing just doing 5-10 feeling disappointed with ourselves. Its not a good feeling; trust me, I’ve been there. Instead what you can do is, write simple day to day stuff and 2 or 3.. utmost 5 important things which you have to or want to do it on that day. Ticking of these things at the end of the day will definitely make you feel confident.
    My TO-DO list would look something like this (very basic) –
    ⇒ Make Bed
    ⇒ Freshen Up
    ⇒ Eat a Fruit and so on..
    If you are not a big fan of writing you can make a list on your phone. If this is difficult as well, try weekly To-DOs . This is how i started off and now, I do it every single day.

Hope all these tips help you! Let me know which one was your favourite and share your habits as well in the comments below.
PC : Pixabay

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda says:

    Loved this post. And welcome.
    Definitely agree with you, one of my big 2017 goal is to be more social (connected).


    1. bitojam says:

      Hey Linda! Thanks! That’s my goal too 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well put. Making list does help – to get things done as well as the feel good feeling. I agree though that staying connected personally is getting more and more difficult in the current scenario. I have also not been very good at networking so far. Propose to work on that though.. any tips?


    1. bitojam says:

      Hey! thank you so much for your comment!
      I am a total introvert and networking is not my cup of tea. But connecting is very important for our well being. Having said that, it is equally, if not more important to connect with the right and positive beings. I prioritise quality of the people over quantity of people in my life. I try to focus on the people who are already in my life. Just call them once a week or twice a month and meet them once in 2 months if possible. This might not be too much, but these little things makes a lot of difference. And I have also noticed that genuinely complimenting or acknowledging people helps a lot too. I’m also focusing on connecting to genuine beings, this was one of the reasons why I started blogging. Amidst of all these things, reading books, blogs & watching inspiring youtubers has helped me a lot. I can do a separate blog post about this as well. Hope this helps!

      Liked by 1 person

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