Peanut Butter – Creamy & Crunchy

Hello all you beautiful people!! 🙋🏻 Welcome back to my blog. Today, I’m sharing one of the most easiest recipes – Peanut Butter. It tastes amazing in Banana Smoothies, Oatmeal and with toasts. You might be wondering that it is easily available in the market and it tastes good as well, so what’s the need to prepare it at home. Yes I know it is easily available and it tastes quite good plus there are a lot of varieties, but we should also be aware that they come with extra preservatives and refined sugar which are not so friendly to your body. Peanuts are a great source of vitamins and nutrients but the extra refined sugar that comes with it is not so healthy.

Here’s an easy and healthy recipe of Peanut Butter in 2 versions. Pick the 1 which your tongue prefers.😋

Here’s the recipe.. 

Servings – 4-6
Time – 20 min
Difficulty – Easy

Ingredients –

  1. Roasted Peanuts – 2 cups (If you don’t have roasted peanuts, roast the plain peanuts on medium flame for 10-15 mins. Remove the skin as well)
  2. Salt – 1 tsp

Method – 

  1. Fill your food processor with the roasted peanuts and grind it for about 5 mins. Make sure to scrape the surfaces of the jar periodically so that the butter does not stick to the jar.
  2. Add 1 tsp of salt (or as per your taste).
  3. Grind it for another 5 mins or till the texture is of a thick cream. (if you’re a fan of the creamy version then your peanut butter is ready, if you’re a fan of the crunchier version then follow the below step as well)
  4. Crush 2 tbsp of roasted peanuts with the help of a grinder and add it to the peanut butter.

Make sure to store it in a glass container and you are good to go for 1 week.

PC : Pixabay

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