Friday Freebie – Simple To-Do list

Hey all you beautiful people!! 🙋🏻 Welcome back to my blog. I’m introducing a new category called the “Friday Freebies” . This means that you will be receiving some free printables on every Friday. Yes! you heard it right.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of a new month (my favourite day of the month). It’s another chance to start fresh, set some goals, create new habits and all that wonderful stuff. I love creating new habits every month or once in 2 months. It totally depends on the situation of the previous habit. If the habit is easy then I create another one the next month. If it’s a little difficult then I give myself some time to get into the habit and create the next one after 2 months.

Almost 2 years ago, I wanted to start writing a daily To-Do list. I kind of fell off in between and I’m glad to find out the reason for this. It was just that I didn’t have much to do on some days and I didn’t write anything on these days. This not writing habit continued even on the days when I had a lot of things to do. Once I became aware of this, I made sure to write down really simple things like make bed, take shower, eat breakfast. This made me stick to the habit. And ever since then, I am very consistent with it (Thanks to my habit tracker. PS – Free Printable of Habit Tracker coming out next week!).

Writing To-Do lists can actually be boring sometimes. It gets exciting when you can write on a pretty piece of paper. So I thought why not give a free printable of one of the lists that I created and I’m using. It’s a very simple design and there is no complications in the layout. I highly recommend it for the people who are new to writing stuff or any expert who is looking for a simple and basic layout.

Download your free printable here and let me know your reviews in the comments below.

PC: Sanjana Raj

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