March Favorites

Hey all you beautiful people!! March has come to an end, so I thought I would share some of my favorites of the month. These are totally random and does not fit into a particular category. I have purchased most of these from stores. I’ll try to search it online and provide the links. Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any commission if you purchase the products below.

  1. Colored Pens
    Since some months I’ve been trying to find some good color pens and I did test a few. I purchased some from Aliexpress and some from stores. But none of them were up to the mark (Aliexpress pens were not too bad). And after months of hunting, I came across these Graph Peps from Maped. It is a set of 10 colored pens. It has fine tip and writes well. I suggest this set if you are into journaling or you prefer writing in different colors. I bought this from Landmark stores. It is available on Amazon as well.
    Price – ₹300
    Link – Graph Peps 
  2. Wallet
    I’m a minimalist when it comes to wallets. I do not buy another one until the 1 I’m using is ripped off. It was almost 2 years since I was using a wallet and it was high time for me to get a new 1. I was looking for a different color with basic layouts. I searched a lot on online websites, but i finally ended up buying this wallet from Baggit. There is no doubt about the quality when it comes to Baggit. I have a bag and this is my 1st wallet from Baggit. I really like the design reversal in this wallet. Most of the wallet have printed exteriors and plain interiors. But, this one has a printed interior and the layout is also pretty simple.
    Price – ₹1250
    Link – Baggit Wallet 
  3. Earring set
    This set of earrings is perfect. It is great for work or any simple events. This was a gift for my birthday. Ever since i have got this, I’m not using any other earrings at all. This is my go to earrings set for work. I do not have anything much to say about this. I just love it.
    Price – Unknown (It’s a gift)
    Link – I couldn’t find this online. This was bought from stores. 
  4. Shopping App
    Finally found a great app for shopping fashion items. Its AJIO. It was there from a year and I was always stalking this website but did not purchase anything (I had to start shopping here way before). It’s a package of amazing stuff offered at really good prices. They just turned one and they have great discounts going on. If you are looking for some unique stuff, then AJIO is the place.
    Link – AJIO
  5. Almond Butter
    This is part of my daily food now. I had purchased it some months back from a store and I liked the taste and I wanted to prepare it by myself. In March I looked for a few recipes, mixed it up to suit my needs and prepared it. I also have a recipe for Almond Butter on my blog. Check it out. You have to try it if you love almonds.
    Link – Almond Butter 

These are some of my favorites of the month. Let me know what are your favorites in the comments below.

Photographed by : Sanjana Raj & Pixabay

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