Friday Freebie – May 2017 Monthly Planner


Hey all you beautiful people!! Welcome back to my blog.
It’s the end of April and May is just around the corner. This is the best of the month, a great time for beginning new lifestyle, set some goals and plan for your month ahead. I’m going to do some monthly planning this Sunday (let me know what are you up to this weekend in the comments below) and thought of creating a free printable of the format that I use.


Monthly Planners are great to keep a track of few important dates, monthly goals and much more. I use monthly planners for the things listed below and all of these are included in the printable.

  1. Monthly Calendar – It gives a good glance of the whole month and can be used for planning date and day specific tasks.
  2. Important Dates – List all of the tasks and events that are date specific.
  3. To-Do – Write down all the things that you have to do for the month which are not scheduled.
  4. Goals & Action Steps – List down 3 important goals for the month and write down the action you have to take in order to achieve those goals.
  5. May Memories – Its a great way to capture all the things that you want to remember. Some people do it at the end of the month and some do it as when the incidents occur. It feels amazing when you look back. You can write or doodle or use stickers (whichever you prefer).
  6. May ReviewThe most important part of a monthly planner. Write down a few sentences on how the month passed. You can assess yourself here and find out some stuff that went well and some that you can work on the following month.

That’s it for this post. Just click here to download and let me know your reviews in the comments below.

PC: Sanjana Raj

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