Friday Freebie – Food & Workout Planner

Hey all you beautiful people! 🙋🏻 Welcome back!! Hope you all had an amazing work week and looking forward to the weekend.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I started Food and Workout Journaling this week. I’m here to admit that I failed 🤦🏻‍♀️ Yes I did! I had tried in Feb and I couldn’t keep up with it at that time as well. I tried figuring out on what exactly was missing and I realized it’s the format in which I’m writing. I was looking for some printables online and thought why not create one and share it with my new fam!

Have you ever tried logging in your meals and workouts? Whenever I tried, I noticed that I tend to much healthier. I have also included a goals section so that you can set goals for that particular week and progress towards your long term goals. These goals can be like workout 4 times this week, have home made lunch for 5 days, drink 3 litres of water everyday, yoga for 3 days and much more. You can add anything you like. You can use this Printable to journal your meals and workouts or to plan them.

Feel free to download this Printable here because it is absolutely free! Let me know your reviews in the comments below.

PC: Sanjana Raj

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