Friday Freebie – Mobile Wallpaper & Printable Wallpaper


Hey all you beautiful people!! 🙂 Welcome back! Guess you’ve had a busy week and looking forward to the weekend.

Here I am to offer a free printable wallpaper & a Phone Wallpaper. It says “Struggle ends when Gratitude Begins”. This is 1 of my favourite quotes only because I’ve experienced it. In the current lifestyle it is so easy to get lost in our busy schedule and become anxious in almost every aspect that we often forget to notice and be grateful for some of the amazing things that we have and experience in our life. Once you start being grateful, you’ll start focusing more on the positive side, be less anxious about your life and enjoy living in the moment. Having said that, it is not always easy to be positive. I use my Five Minute Journal to practice my gratitude (If you don’t know what Five Minute Journal is, I recommend you to check out this article on my blog – A small tribute to “The Five Minute Journal” ) and have inspirational digital and paper wallpapers around me. This combination works really well and has helped me a lot to focus on the positive side. I thought why not share this with you? Hope you find some inspiration and start focusing on the good stuff. Don’t waste your time on the negative stuff and people. Both are certainly not worth it.

Let me know how you practice your daily gratitude and what are the things to keep you inspired and motivated in the comments below.

Download Links –

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