Minimalist Footwear Haul

Hey all you beautiful people!! 🙋🏻 Welcome back and Hello if you’re new 😊

Today, I will showing some of my Footwear collections. I bought all of these recently and these 3 are totally sufficient for day to day life. I’m trying hard to cut down my spending on clothes and shoes and it’s good that I don’t see any need to have some extra shoes for daily life other than these.  Without wasting much time, let’s jump into the details!

After using them for a week, I could find some common features that I really loved.
♥ High Quality –  They are very durable
♥ Versatility – They look amazing with Western & Indian Casual Wear
Colors  – All of them fall under the neutral color family and they compliment the entire color pallet (Almost)
Comfortable –  I could hike in them. They have anti-slip sole and the base is cushioned . The straps are also soft, hence they do not hurt your feet at all.

I’ll stop now and let you enjoy the post through pictures. Make sure to check out the details and links for all of the products shown here at the end of this post.

Let me know which one did you like the most and leave me some recommendations in the comments below.

Photographed by – Deepashree

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Off White Bellies
♥ Brand – Max
♥ Paid Price – INR 999

Beige Sandals
♥ Brand – Hush Puppies
♥  Paid Price – INR 1875

Navy Wedges
♥ Brand – Head Over Heels
♥  Paid Price – INR 1299


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