Announcement! My YouTube Channel!

Hey all you beautiful people!! First off, Thank you all so much for you love and support for my Blog and Instagram. Without this, my beginning as a content creator would not have been this enjoyable. To bring more content for you in different formats, I thought of starting a YouTube Channel. But, I never thought that this would happen so early. So I hit the record button and now, here I am announcing the launch of my YouTube Channel – Bit O’Jam by Sanjana Raj. This channel will be about planning, art, organizing and lifestyle (P.S. I’m also planning to include Food and Fashion videos. I’ll keep you posted on that) If you’re like me and this is what you are interested in, I really hope you guys enjoy and I’d love it if you subscribed because I will be posting videos every single week.

To begin with, I have uploaded my Bullet Journal Setup video. Checkout and let me know your thoughts. Looking forward for your love and support!

Until next time.. Cya!!



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